How To Trade Crypto For A Living

Whether you’re wondering if it’s feasible to earn a life trading cryptocurrencies, the answer is a resounding yes. Additionally, some men earn a fantastic career via cryptocurrency trading. However, the most pertinent issue is likely to be: How simple is it to amass sufficient earnings to be able to do nothing else?

Trading the cryptocurrency markets is fairly simple for experienced day traders who have been trading for years. For competent traders, excessive volatility is pure paradise. However, getting to that position requires time and work.

Day trading is a business, just like any other. However, it is certainly not the right business for everyone. As if there is no employment in the world suitable for everyone. Each of us has unique talents, abilities, needs, and priorities.

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To determine if day trading cryptocurrencies is the best path for you, first answer the following questions for yourself:

Crypto Day Trading Requirements

Do You Want Freedom at Any Cost?

The underlying objective is the most critical factor in determining long-term success. You need to ask yourself whether the thought of financial independence and even geographical independence is such a powerful motivator and passion for you that it will motivate you to adhere to discipline, remain focused and cope with inevitable losses.

Are You Psychologically Prepared to Become a Crypto Day Trader?

Suppose you know you genuinely desire the lifestyle of a free crypto trader more than anything else. In that case, you should still be aware of the psychological environment required to execute this profession.

What you need is the following:

Self-Discipline Emotional Self-Control A strong feeling of personal responsibility A responsible approach to money

A laser-like concentration on your objective


As someone who would be self-employed, you need an entrepreneurial attitude. You must get up every day, do your work diligently and effectively, and then adhere to your trading techniques – you must take crypto trading seriously when it is your primary source of income. Your success is dependent on your performance.

You must record your deals in a trading notebook to keep track of your gains and losses. Maintaining your trading strategy during each transaction presents a unique difficulty – failing to do so is one of the most prevalent blunders made by traders in general. Changing trading choices amid a running deal is almost always a terrible idea.

Ability to Exercise Emotional Self-Control to Earn a Living Through Crypto Trading

Each trader’s greatest adversary is their own emotions. Fear and greed are inextricably linked in markets. Bull runs occur because everyone jumps on the train sequentially to avoid missing it – motivated only by greed.

While bear markets and price dumps are controlled by raw fear — individuals would even sell at rock-bottom levels out of fear of losing more or perhaps everything. To win in cryptocurrency trading, you must rationally manage your emotions and adhere to your trading tactics.

A Strong Sense of Self-Responsibility

As a cryptocurrency trader, you are essentially self-employed, operating your own company. You will only adhere to the self-discipline outlined before if you are conscious of the feeling of duty you need toward yourself. You will be working alone; no manager will demand results or oversee your job.

As a result, you must develop accountability for being a boss. You will be your employer and will be solely accountable to yourself. If you are a character that needs an assassin to do anything, this is not a suitable precondition for a successful trading profession. Bear in mind that this would undoubtedly be a character attribute you’d want to improve.

Money Management in a Responsible Manner

A task that involves money should be performed by someone adept at managing money. If you’ve never been excellent with money, you should consider if a position in this field is suited for you.

A Clear Focus on Your Objective

Trading is not always a simple business, and there may be days when your losses outweigh your gains, leaving you disappointed. Dealing with defeats is a necessary component of the game. You can overcome unpleasant feelings and setbacks only if you keep your ultimate aim in mind.

Only a firm commitment to the lifestyle you choose for yourself can keep you upright and strong, even though your blood may sometimes be seen on the streets. Therefore, if you are aware of these circumstances and are still determined to pursue this path, make certain you begin by acquiring the appropriate abilities.

How To Become A Successful Day Trader In Cryptocurrency

To become a skilled trader capable of earning a career in crypto trading, you need to educate yourself about all relevant areas of the industry. Make every effort to get a thorough grasp of the terrain you are about to enter.

The ideal method to go further into crypto trading is to read some excellent books and some decent blog articles, and one or two forum discussions. You should also clarify the tax regulations applicable to bitcoin exchanges in your nation.

There are several books on trading in general, but relatively few on cryptocurrency trading. Even worse, the few extant books on crypto trading are often vague in terms of trading tactics and technical analysis, eliciting comparisons to books on Forex trading.

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