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Because web is only composed by software programs which can be modified by anyone, from anywhere at anytime, all datas are easily hackable!
The good news is that the new generation cryptography technology and latest scientific breakthrough in cryptographic obfuscation can disrupt internet security paradigm.
It appears now that “hardware like security” ie protect program execution and sensitive data in hardware chip, secure element, is becoming useless since cryptographic obfuscation and related technology can provide a comparable level of security with only software. This will disrupt the complete “obsolete” internet security ecosystem.

At Skeyecode we aim at becoming the leader in new generation security in order to make the internet more secure by creating with only software, a leakproof and non maleable zone. We have been working on a disruptive way to fix the leaks to protect secret data exchanges such as sensitive information and money transactions, as well as to provide an infallible alternative to the login / password, without the need of physical secure element. We replace the login/password with a simple and quicker alternative that protects against malwares, ransomwares and cyber threats.
It's a huge step forward in cyber security!
Our mantra : now is the time for a frictionless, easy to deploy and really secure strong authentication for everyone!

Jean-Luc Leleu

Strategy & Product

Formerly : Enition CEO
BD Sun Microsystems/Oracle

Jean-Louis Hoenen


Formely SlimPay, Sun Microsystem

Nathan Prat

Lead Developer

Aude Bourdouxhe

Marketing & Com

Formerly : Condé Nast, LVMH